Analyzer 5  Three phase Network Analyzer for CT connection .../5A - 2T - 2S0

The Network Analyzers offer an extremely compact multifunction solution for switchgear and incoming or outgoing feeders in industrial plants and buildings like offices, hospitals, universities and so on. These Analyzers can be connected to three phase networks via Current Transformers (.../5 A), providing star/delta measurements of 38 different electrical parameters for imported or exported power. The devices have a clear and readable LED display that reports all measurements through a user friendly interface controlled directly from the front panel. Are provided with 2 tariffs and 2 S0 outputs reporting on active and reactive energy.
  • All required measuring values of an installation clearly visible at a once
  • Innovative matrix selection of assignment and selection of measurement data of the display registers
  • 11 mm high attractive green 7 segment display for measured values
  • Clearly recognizable orange text display of measurements units assigned to the displays where the measured value appears
  • Selection on the display of active, reactive and apparent energy value
  • For transformer .../5 A connection with a primary current of 5 to 10.000 A with 5 A increments
  • Detection of connection errors (phase transposition)
  • Accuracy class 1 for active energy according to EN 50470-3 (B)
  • Accuracy class 2 for reactive energy according to EN 62053-23
  • Designed to be combined with the communication module
  • Sealable terminal covers
  • 6 DIN modules wide (108 mm)

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