ECS3 1-5 CP MID  Three phase Energy Meter - CT connected …1A or.../5A - 2T - 2S0 – MID certified

4 Quadrants MID Certified Active Energy Meter for indoor measuring of a three phase AC electrical installation, with 9 digits LCD, 2 Tariffs and 2 S0 pulse outputs (compliant to IEC 62053-31) proportional to selectable Energies.
  • 9 digits LCD
  • Connection through .../5 A or …/1A external CTs,
  • CT primary current range: 5/5A to 10000/5A with steps of 5A, or 1/1A to 2000/1A with steps of 1A
  • Phase Sequence Error detection with Display Error Message
  • Missing Phase(s) indication
  • Active Energy Accuracy: Class B (1%) according to EN 50470-3
  • Operating current range at input terminals (Ist ... Imax) = 0.001 ... 6 A, through external CTs.
  • Imported and Exported Active Energy Registers, under tariffs T1 and T2, are readable on display
  • Also the corresponding Partial Energy Registers are readable on display
  • Only Partial Energy Registers are resettable
  • Sealable terminal covers
  • DIN-rail mounting, according to EN 60715, 4 Modules wide (72 mm)
  • The meter is compliant with MID Directive when is mounted inside a cabinet with IP51 (or higher) protection degree.

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