Communication Systems
Among the advanced features guaranteed by ECS’s portfolio of products, communications play a key role. Communication between Meters or Analyzers and local or remote management systems opens up a new range of opportunity for home and building automation applications. For communications ECS uses standard protocols such M-Bus, Modbus RTU, KNX and LAN-TCP/IP, which can be found either directly built into the units or as supplementary modules connected by infrared ports. The main goal of communications is the opportunity to manage from remote power quality and consumption for each individual users in real time. The energy count can be correlated to the time and recorded to analyze efficiency. The manageability through ECS’s software solutions provides unlimited flexibility of use for these solutions.
IR side communication1 DIN Module
eVision Module  LAN Interface KNX  KNX Interface LAN TCP  LAN TCP Interface M-Bus  M-Bus Interface Modbus BE  Modbus BE Interface Modbus LE  Modbus LE Interface
Data Concentrator4 DIN Modules
LAN Server Modbus TCP  LAN Server Modbus TCP

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