A streamlined and dynamic company

A streamlined and dynamic company, totally focused on development of measuring instruments, where quality, people and innovation are the keys of its success
A company where new solutions and business models work together to keep up with the demands of the market. This is Herholdt Controls. Our roots lie in thirty years of experience in the field of modular DIN products, which today are at the heart of Herholdt Controls business. This wealth of tradition reflects in a business model where constant qualification and continuous investments in  R & D are fundamental directions of development. Today more than ever, most of the our staff are skilled hardware, software and firmware engineers and designers. Our lean and efficient multi-disciplined team brings a wide array of talent to develop unique customer-oriented solutions. In short, the core of our quality ethic and innovation strategy is driven by the certainty that achievement is not based on the success of individuals but the result of teamwork. Our high performance team is supported by advanced resources, quality standards and precise rules. First of all, the MID certification, an international recognition which allows us to guarantee the unconditional quality of our products well beyond 10 years. But for us this is not enough. 
The path we have chosen to serve our customers is tough and ambitious but results that we have taken have encouraged us to reach more and more important goals, such as becoming ourselves a certified laboratory. Herholdt Controls can now proudly say to be recognized as one of the best SMT (Supervised Manufacturer's Testing) centers in the market. These steps demonstrate our commitment to our people, our customers and the industry and with this commitment we will continue to bring on DIN rail more and more advanced functions, not only measure but also communication and analysis. Continuous innovation and a focus quality will help us to stay on course and shape our offer to the needs of the market, meeting the challenges of the future. 

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